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David Shulick is a business development professional with many years of experience. David received his BS in accounting and business/management from Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics at University of Delaware and his Juris Doctorate from Temple University- James E. Beasley School of Law with honors.
Mr. Shulick is currently involved in Corporate Affairs and ESD, Inc., a successful company responsible for the engineering and manufacturing of a variety of mechanical and electronic payment systems for the vended laundry industry. In his role, David is responsible for executive management functions, production, analysis, contracts, commercial development, leasing, acquisitions, sales, and managing legal affairs such as outside counsel, handling litigation and transactional legal work, negotiation, drafting and enforcing sale agreements, executing commercial lease agreements, facilitating vendor contracts, and the many other moving parts associated with corporate affairs at his organization.

David Shulick has built a reputation within his field as a professional with remarkably extensive knowledge of impactful corporate affairs strategies that maintain the health of an organization and its sister companies. David’s commitment to community, educational, and cultural initiatives, along with his service record, have helped him remain on the cutting-edge, contribute to vital conversations, and assist others on the path to development within his industry. Above all else, David Shulick is recognized as a professional deeply committed to positive change within the organizations that he serves, capable of empowering his teams and collaborators to reach their goals.

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David Shulick

Through David’s experience in the vended laundry industry, he has accumulated a wide range of insights that can be helpful for others who are exploring opportunities within the space.

David acknowledges that his insights on vended laundry, as well as his other areas of expertise such as business development, corporate affairs, real estate, etc. place him in the unique position to share resources that empower others to make more informed decisions within these spaces.

If you would like to further your understanding of the above topics and others associated with David Shulick’s areas of expertise, you have come to the right place!

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Learn More About the Vended Laundry Space

Vended laundry is a rapidly expanding industry, with the market projected to reach over $3.8B by 2030. Naturally, there are many people who are realizing the available opportunities for joining in on the action and finding their own success. One of David’s favorite things about his space is that there are always various moving parts involved and, therefore, so much to learn about the intricacies of the work. For information on everything from starting off your vended laundry journey on the right foot to the advancing technology streamlining features such as payment processing, this website will include a bit of something for all interested readers.

Better Understand Corporate Affairs and Their Impact

Many are surprised to learn that corporate affairs encompass such a diverse range of essential business functions and processes on both an external and internal level such as PR, government relations, public policy, etc. What this means is that developing a clear understanding of the field’s best practices, scope, and impact can be rather daunting for those who may not have much experience. For individuals who do, however, there is the need to constantly stay on track with the trajectory of changes in the fast-paced, constantly changing sector. By drawing from David Shulick’s years of corporate affairs experience, future posts will aim to empower readers with a better understanding of the space and its role in facilitating crucial decisions for organizations across industries.

David Shulick

Keep Up with Real Estate Development Insights

David Shulick has had a hand in a variety of real estate development projects and has leveraged his understanding of law and compliance in his role as a corporate affairs professional. To this end, Mr. Shulick enjoys having the opportunity to share insights on real estate development and its evolution to the benefit of those who would like to get more involved in the industry. Feel free to tune in for resources that explore real estate development processes, associated technologies, and compliance info.

Explore Industry News and Trends

As an individual with experience in so many rapidly evolving, expanding, and advancing areas of business, Mr. Shulick knows just how valuable it can be to keep up with industry news and trends as a means to make more informed decisions in one’s professional life. This is why this website hopes to explore crucial news and trends while providing an inside look into the future of vended laundry, corporate affairs, real estate development, and associated fields. Want to stay on the cutting-edge of recent developments? Don’t go it alone, check out future content for more insights!

David Shulick

Access Professional Development Opportunities

Professional development is extremely important to those who want to set themselves apart in their respective industries, reach their goals, and bring sustainable results to the organizations that they serve, as well as their collaborators. One of the common difficulties of professional development is that there is no clear rulebook for individuals to follow. This points to the important nature of having experienced leaders and professionals who contribute to conversations that empower others to really shine in their fields. As such, future posts will aim to cover professional development strategies and insights from multiple key perspectives.

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